Sipping Pliny the Younger: Nothing’s Ever Perfect

The bottle. Don’t let them tell you that Pliny the Younger can’t be found in the bottle.  Well, that’s where the story really starts.  I knew that Russian River was tapping Pliny the Younger at Lucky Baldwin’s (Pasadena) down the street.  I had one problem…I had to work.  So, despite the anticipation, I was stuck [...]

Hopslam: Overrated?

Is hopslam overrated…I think it is.

Red Chair IPA by Deschutes

At 55 IBUs (International Bittering Units) and 6.4% ABV, this is a comparatively small IPA, at least for American versions.  Maybe it’s more normative for what I like IPAs to be.  I picked  Red Chair IPA up at Bevmo many moons ago and have just now gotten around to writing a review for it–why good [...]

DuganA VS. Maharajah: An Epic Battle

Pitting Avery’s Maharaja against Avery’s DuganA. Which is better?aa

Double Wide IPA by Boulevard

“This beer is twister proof”…at least that’s what Boulevard says.  Suddenly, it’s clear to what the Double Wide refers.  So, if you are drinking this beer in your trailer, then rest assured that if your home is sucked up and obliterated by a tornado, ostensibly, your beer will remain intact.  That’s reassuring. Many of you [...]

Sip With Us Saturday | Maharaja or DuganA

A brief email conversation with Scott of Manland led to this week’s first Sip With Us Saturday beer, Maharaja.  A little bit of conversation with Peter, of Simply Beer regarding his review of Maharaja and its sister beer, DuganA led me to choose DuganA as a second beer this week.  You see, I’ve had both [...]

Arcadia Hopmouth and Hop Rocket

We’re gonna rock around the hop tonight.  Since these were both “sip with us Saturday” beers from the same brewer, I’ve decided to put them together.  They have something in common, can you guess what it is?  Two hoppy beers?  Not normally my thing but I want to give all beers a chance.  Without further [...]

Probably Picking a Fight: A Review of Pliny the Elder

Nate mentioned quite a while back that we would eventually get around to reviewing Pliny the Elder.  He said this in his article on hops, which is worth a read.  Anyway, let me say that I’m not intentionally iconoclastic and that I simply don’t go looking for beers to denigrate.  In fact, I’m not going [...]

Not Your Typical IPA, Schlafly’s Export IPA

I have been accused of not liking and/or being overly critical of IPAs (India Pale Ales).  Neither statements are true, but the latter is close.  In reality, I love the style.  A well balanced IPA in any season is delicious and refreshing.  I am not overly critical of beers within the style, but I am [...]

Sip with us Saturday review: Hop Stoopid

Did I spell that right?  I’ll begin by telling you that I’m not really a fan of Lagunitas stuff.  My experience preceding Hop Stoopid was lackluster to say the least.  Nate shares similar sentiments.  Also, I’m on the record as being tired of hop extremism.  I’m forever hearing about the latest double triple-hopped, quadruple Imperial, [...]

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