A brief email conversation with Scott of Manland led to this week’s first Sip With Us Saturday beer, Maharaja.  A little bit of conversation with Peter, of Simply Beer regarding his review of Maharaja and its sister beer, DuganA led me to choose DuganA as a second beer this week.  You see, I’ve had both and prefer Maharaja from memory, but perhaps if I drank these beers side by side I might be swayed towards Peter’s opinion, which favors DuganA.

So this week, you can choose to drink either the Maharaja or the DuganA, but I would suggest you try both.  I would love to post a guest review, so if any of our readers feel so inclined, let me know an I’ll post your review of one of these beers.

These are both Imperial India Pale Ales.  Anyone familiar with Thank Heaven for Beer knows that we don’t often post IPA’s as the Sip With Us Saturday beer, so this week is for all the hopheads out there.

Original Gravity: 1.076
ABV: 8.5%
IBUs: 93
A big beer with a big hop profile

Original Gravity: 1.090
ABV: 10.24%
IBUs: 102
A bigger beer with a bigger hop profile (in numbers, that is)

Let us know ho wins the battle of the beers.  Cheers!