Is It Legal To Let My Kids Sample My Beer?

A discussion on the legality of parents allowing their underage children samples of beer

Minister of Pubs and Social Shifts

Am I a little late on reporting this one?  Probably.  For what it’s worth, I’m happy to report that Britain specifically created a cabinet position for a Minister of Pubs.  The reports I’ve seen and heard about this have been upbeat and positive.  I think it is a very cool fact that beer is that [...]

Is 21 years too long to wait for a beer?

Always a contested topic, the United States legal age for consumption hit national headlines this past July as a South Carolina Judge ruled that it was unconstitutional for any American over the age of 18 to be legally forbidden to posses and consume alcohol

What Beer Should Obama, Gates, and Crowley Drink?

A brief moment of indiscretion, with the slip of a tongue, President Obama catapulted a percolating controversy into an international debacle.  What was the Gates/Crowley affair suddenly, with an unchecked honest opinion, became the Gates/Crowley/Obama affair and the incident, the arrest of the Harvard professor began to rise in import.  When it came out that [...]

Obama acts “stupidly,” then smartly

It has become a serious platitude, at the point, to recount the recent problems created by President Obama due to his remorse-causing remark about the police acting “stupidly” in the arrest of Henry Gates.  Later, the president retracted his initial stance by essentially stating that he hadn’t weighed his words too wisely.  Speaking extemporaneously, as [...]

The Joy of Beer

The past several months have been quite a ride for the majority of Americans.  In fact, ever since the market began its record breaking descent into depths that typically force nations to default on national debt, things have not gotten much better.  Sure the DOW peaked it’s head above 8000 in a micro bull run, [...]

Beer Activism – Another New Beer Tax, Another Bad Idea

DISCLAIMER:  This post in know way is meant to serve any partisan purpose; just beer. Economics is by no means my forte; however, common sense is.  Common sense, when applied to economics, is often disregarded as a kill joy, for common sense states items and services come at an expense and that one cannot spend [...]

Where Is Beer City USA?

Vote for where beer city usa is.

The debate rages on…but in the wrong place

Hope, change, and togetherness.  All these words seem to embody the rhetoric of our politicians.  A hope that we can look past partisan politics and get our economy, in fact, our country, on track seems to be becoming a more and more remote proposition.  I know: let’s form another sub-committee on a sub-committee to try [...]

Obama and McCain debate about beer.

I thought that this would be a nice post the day before the election.  Of course this is a hypothetical article characterizing the debates that the two have had.  I will also throw in some more vicious rumors that have occured.  This is not an endorsement of any particular candidate.  How much more bipartisan can [...]

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