It is no secret to those who have drunk the kool-aid (code for beer) and joined the clandestine community of beer lovers that this week (May 11th – 17th) is officially American Craft Beer Week.


That was me breathing a sigh of relief of not being guilted into heading down to the Hallmark shop to buy a card for my secretary (as if I had one) or reproduce a picture of my pooch for my vet simply to belong as a cog in mass consumerism.   Rather, it is a relief to participate in a holiday I believe in (not to be trumped by Christmas, Easter, or my wife’;s birthday, mind you!).

Yes, there are many holidays.  Too many in fact, but this one resonates, because someday Mike, myself, and many of you (Big Tex, for one) hope to be recognized as one of the 1500 craft brewers in the US, who daily struggle to work to produce a fine bubbly beverage that eases the burdens that have accumulated on the weary shoulders of Americas working class.  I for one, pledge to drink fine craft beer for the duration of this fine holiday, and I suggest you, dear reader, do the same.  Pouring a handcrafted, cool brew night after night for six consecutive days will be tough work, but gentlemen (and ladies?), we owe it to the beer.

This holiday is even more special, as I recently learned (via the Brookston Bulletin) that my favorite right-of-center political funny man took special note of our favorite week.  No, it wasn’t “The Sky Is Falling Glenn Beck” (he’s on the wagon, right?)…it was the most honorable, Stephen Colbert!  For your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the clip below with a cool glass of patriotic craft brew in hand! Cheers!

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American Craft Beer Week
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