Das Beer!

That’s about all the German I know, but all I need.

As I poured Spaten’s Oktoberfest into my goblet, I was a little surprised.  I was expecting to see a clear golden lager but instead a beautiful clear amber brew filled the glass with minimal head.  I believe in the past Spaten has put out a more pale Marzen, which may have lead to my presumption.  It was almost copperish in color.  without even trying I could smell the malt, as Mike predicted.  It was a sweet malty smell, slightly spiced/herbal smelling.

As it hit my tongue it was a little drier than I expected, but as I concentrated on the beer the sweet malty flavor takes over.  It had a slightly bready taste.  As the beer washes down a hoppy (but very subtle) metalic flavor remains for a pleasent aftertaste.  The beer had a bitter quality that was quite nice that was present from the first smell to the finish that complimented the sweetness well.

Overall, I enjoyed the beer.  I liked the warmth in my mouth, the roasted malt flavor, and the bitter finish.  Until we put together a grading scale here at THFB (this weeks project) I will say it wasn’t the best I ever had; that is, it hasn’t left a lasting impression like other beers have, but I would buy it again.