Following cue from Mike’s article that suggests beer geeks need to take time to revisit the classics, the Sip With Us Saturday beer this week is Bitburger.  Bitburger is truly a classic, and is Germany’s number one draft beer. The brewery has been pumping out  beer for 190 years, but it didn’t always taste like the Bitburger of today.

When it was first opened in 1817 by Johann Peter Wallenbronn ,the brewery was only set up to brew top fermenting yeasts (ales). The cooling technology necessary to utilize bottom fermenting yeast (lagers) wasn’t easy to come by. In 1871 the brewery was revamped and updated technologically, including the capability for lagering beer. In 1883 Bitburger brewed its first Pils beer.

Before you roll your eyes at the choice of a light lager for SWUS, keep in mind that it is only light in color.  The beer is considered full body, and utilizes a unique and high quality water for the brew that comes from a well owned and drilled by the brewery.  See if you can pick up on these nuances.

Due to it’s popularity, you should have no trouble finding this beer at any of your local beer stores.  If you are so daring, feel free to try any of Bitburger’s other variations: Drive (NA) or Sun (light).  Stop by the Brewery’s great site for more history on the brewery, as well as decent narrative on the science of brewing.