For those who don’t know, Mike and I are resolute on starting a brewery, and we’d like to see it happen within the next few years.  We have a problem though.  It seems like it is easier for us to come up with brews, brewery ideas, and general business plans than it is a name.

Why is this so difficult?  You can modify your business plan.  You can swap out your equipment.  You can drop or add beers to your breweries lineup.  You can’t change your name (well you can, but it is HIGHLY inadvisable).  Besides the immutable nature of this branding,  a name can reflect a lot about the brewers.  For example, naming our brewery “Flower Power,” might lead customers down certain paths of assumption we would not be prepared to substantiate.

That being said, we’d like to ask for some feedback on some name ideas.  we have a poll posted in this post, as well as in the sidebar of our main page.  Please only vote once, and feel free to leave feedback in the form of comments as well.

You may note the spiritual theme.  For sake of context, Mike and I both hold graduate degrees in the field of theology and would like to incorporate that history throughout the brewery.  Thanks, and feel free to share this poll!


We are asking for feedback.  Results will not necessarily choose a permanent name outright.