Lovely, well that would be one way to describe both the weather and my current thoughts on the future.  There is a serious thrill running through my mind because I just viewed the rough cut of our video.  My friend Brent filmed it, and we will work on the final editing together.  The reason I’m excited is because it is inching us closer and closer to starting our little project.

Part of the inching forward is a trip to Joshua Tree.  The trip is something Andrea and I have been wanting to do anyway, but the bonus is that Brent and his wife (Danielle) are coming, too.  While we are there, we are going to get some footage of us at Joshua Tree. And yes, I will be bringing some beer along and making sure that the footage finds its way into the video.

Although this is a brief update, I think it’s an exciting one.  Maybe I can get a snippet of video from the trip posted in a day or two.