When I first came up with the idea for this blog, I hoped it would bring people together under one common denominator…beer.  Right off the bat, after we shared our earliest beer memories, someone mentioned how nice it was to share the personal experience of beer drinking, so tonight, I’ll get a little personal, once again.

If you’ve stumbled across the “About” page here on the blog, you’ve picked up that I have four kids.  I love these four kids, but the lack of babysitters (free babysitters) results in my wife and I only going out on “date nights” just 3 or 4 times a year.  So when we get to indulge in these fanciful occasions, they mean a good deal.  This past Saturday night we found a free babysitter (thanks dad!) and hit the town.

First we stopped by Dale’s.  Dale’s is a little burger joint that’s been pumping out inflation resistant quality burgers for twenty years.  While the beer selection isn’t outstanding, the cheap burgers and small town atmosphere is a worthy substitute.  San and I washed down a couple fabulous bacon cheeseburgers with fries with a pitcher of Blue Moon.

We paid our bill and walked across the main street of uptown Maumee and landed at one of our favorite little dives…”The Village Idiot.”  This place is great; dark and noisy, filled with folks of all ages, some engaging in philosophical debate, some drunk and shouting, but all having a good time.  There is always some local gig playing tunes.

As we sat at the bar got excited knowing I wouldn’t have to settle for Blue Moon.  To my delight the beer cooler was stocked with Racer 5 IPA:  I was in the mood for something hoppy!  Sandra chose a Sierra Nevada.  As we were sipping our brew and chatting with the amiable bartender, a drunk woman approached the bar.  She wasn’t your “happy drunk.”  But the friendly man slinging drinks handled her nicely, and she sat back down to further immerse herself in innebriation.

As we finished our beer, the band came up and settled into some Johnny Cash.  The bartender persuaded us to indulge in some Great Lakes Christmas Ale.  I was expecting that overwhelming spiced flavor, but instead found a smooth, not-too-hoppy, not spiced beer.  Very good!  But not quite as good as the drunk older woman dancing in front of the stage.

After we finished our Christmas Ale, we headed home…we had kids to put to bed!

I am sure every time I drink a Racer 5 IPA it will remind me of this special experience out with my wife in the company of adults enjoying the nightlife.  I guess I hope in writing this someone else might be able to relate to the pleasure of having a brew out.  Perhaps I deterred someone from having kids…I hope not!  The trade off is well worth it (and besides, I still drink plenty of beer).

If you made it this far, share a recent drinking experience with us!