I’ve made no secret of my future brewery aspirations.  My goal is to be brewing commercially in a little over a year from now.  If you read this site, you know this and my friends know this as well.  So, Christmas came and we were going to be out of town.  My awesome friends hung out with me the other night and gave me my gift.

I went to my friend’s house and saw some beer bottles on the table.  I thought, I’ve never seen that brew label before and it looks really interesting.  Being curious I took a much closer look.  Lo and behold, there was a label with our future proposed name for our brewery. Apparent mental slowness on my part made me get kinda pissed that the name for the future brewery was stolen.  How can this be?

It dawned on me, slowly, that, in fact, my friends had designed a very cool and authentic looking label that donned the new beer bottles sitting on the table (pics to come).  One of the best X-mas present I’ve ever gotten happened just this year.  Happy Holidays indeed!