In the past, we’ve written on the topic of cellaring beer.  I’ve written a few reviews about beers I’ve cellared as well.  I’ve had some pretty good results in the past.  This Christmas and New Years has provided me the opportunity to drink a few of my cellared products.  There is real enjoyment and merit behind aging these beers.

I’ve got some friends coming into town on Thursday and I’ve gone over my cellar list (yes I keep an excel spreadsheet) and am going to crack a few of these beauties.  I have to say that I’ve only had one bad cellar experience and it wasn’t self-inflicted.  It seems to me that a lactobacillus infection happened at the brewery.  Not that I mind lacto at all.  In fact, I love it.  However, it was not style or type conducive.  The bacteria takes a while to do its thing, so I imagine the beer would have been fine fresh.  At any rate, it can’t be helped that a brewery mess the bottle up.

Otherwise, I have to commend the idea of cellaring beer to you.  Beers often develop in interesting (and rarely unsavory) ways.  My current oldest bottle is over 12 years old and I’m holding on a bit longer.  However, and depending on style, the beers can become beautiful.  More often than not, you will be in for a real treat.  Besides, it’s a great test of one’s patience.

Perhaps I’ll offer up a few reviews of cellared beers to you.  However, I’d love to hear about your cellar experiences.  What has been good, bad, or ugly.  By the way, the beer I had that turned bad was Cocoa Loco by Arcadia…didn’t hold up well at all.