Wow!  Sometimes it really does hit you how connected some of us beer sites can be.  Not only do we mutually inform each other’s opinions, perceptions, and information, we seem to really care for one another and hope for the others’ success.  This has been especially true as of late.  This will be a bit of a shout out to other websites, but if any of you know me at all, you will know that I’m not into being sycophantic.  Self-interested flattery is simply not in my genetic coding.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  I know this is true of Nate, too. So, rest assured that my flattery of others does not involve the end game of getting more hits, etc.  If it happens, it happens.  These people need to be mentioned either way.  They are in no particular order:

First of all, I have to thank Erik who sent me a book that says it costs $80 on the back cover.  He had an extra copy, which I just received in the mail.  Furthermore, he did not want a dime for the shipping.  Erik, Nate and I think that you are maybe the most kindred spirit that we’ve come across.  This is especially true in my case.  I mean, we both have a wife who is doing a Ph.D.  We both want to start a brewery.  We share a similar perspective on a lot of things.  Readers, please check out Erik’s wonderful site: This is permanent link on our site.  He has great content.  I mean, who else is willing to look like “a wet blanket,” to use his words?  Or write about what can be done with potatoes in the beer making process?  Thank you, Erik.

Manland is another site that, although not exclusively about beer, has had a positive effect for our site.  In fact, when you see a video pour on our site, it is Scott from that site who provided it.  On a personal correspondence level, Scott has really helped me to balance some of the zealotry that I’ve had at times.  It’s nice to have a reality check if you need one.  We all need honest criticism at times (a fact that we should all seek out…even if it can be painful).  Hell!  I have an invite to the guy’s house if I want to come, which will happen at some point.  Scott put us up as a link on our site and constantly promotes us.  What is Manland all about?  Well, maybe the ladies wouldn’t be there a lot…but look at the name, I think it’s pretty obvious who the intended audience is.  Anyway, I know that they are always growing.  The site is beautifully done, and I enjoy the content, which is always fresh and well conceived.  Thank you, Scott.

Here is our other Scott.  Many of you are already familiar with the Brew Club.  Scott has done a lot to promote our site.  He links to us often, comments regularly, and enjoys our content.  He never has a problem telling people about it, either.  In addition, I’ve especially enjoyed that Scott focuses on beer where he lives, especially other Jersey beer bloggers.  He has no problem letting others provide some of the content on the site, which shows he’s not insecure about himself and believes others might have something useful to add.  People who selflessly promote good beer should be recognized…and I’m doing that now.  Thanks, Scott.

Beer and Whiskey Bros (a.k.a., Jim and Don) are a recent addition to our site.  But let me tell you now that I think their site will continue to grow.  They are posting machines.  But they simply don’t just put stuff up to have it there; they write good stuff.  I really appreciate good whiskey (especially bourbon), so it’s nice to have a good resource in that regard.  They are both very knowledgeable and personable.  These are some other fellows who promote our site.  Also, I plan on hanging with one of the fellows when I get to Idaho next.  In addition, any Van Gogh fan is all right by me…especially when Van Gogh’s work is used as a metaphor for describing a whiskey or beer.  And if Rochefort 8 is your favorite of the three, then we will get along just fine.  As you can see, I read and enjoy their content often, possibly when I ought to be writing. Thanks, Jim and Don.  Keep your beer out of the microwave.

Indiana Beer Blog constantly links to our site.  I really appreciate people who can simply find something they enjoy and shamelessly promote it–especially when it is produced by someone else.  Believe me…it’s harder than it looks.  I always appreciate the shout-outs that he gives.  This is a small way of repaying a debt that I’m defaulting on.  I want to add that I’m also an Indiana boy, so it’s not hard for me to like this site. However, Indiana Beer Blog is not exclusively an interest for Indiana people, so pay him a visit.

Dave from the Drunken Polack is another person who I’ve had some very good interaction with recently.  I told him awhile back that I would try to get him a bottle of Black Tuesday, and luckily, I made it.  We have arranged a beer trade to take place.  Here is where Dave comes in: he is forever reviewing interesting and hard to find beers.  You are hard pressed to find people who pursue more zealously than does he.  At any rate, check out his reviews and trading page…there is always something for the beer lover.  I’m expecting some good beer to come in from this chap.  Thanks, Dave.

Mike from Mike Loves Beer is one of our more consistent readers, despite having a site of his own.  He has helped to restore a sliver of my faith in Lagunitas by prodding me to try Hop Stoopid.  A huge enthusiast of IPA, his zeal can be a bit contagious.  I normally don’t go after the style that much, but thanks to Mike, I find a good one once in a while.  One more note that I’d like to add is that he will occasionally put something up about beer and cooking, which is always a treat.  We like Mike.  Thanks, Mike.

This post has become a little wordy, so I’m stopping here and part II will be coming soon.  I’m going to talk about/or give Nate the chance to talk about some other people before to long.  In some cases, he knows people better than I.  Sites like Simply Beer, which is also a very good site, will make an appearance, as will others.  Stay tuned.