It’s been a little while, but I’m ready to write part two of our posts about other beer blogs we love.  Here is Part One for those who are interested.  Of those on our blog roll, we can include almost everyone on the list, which means that some time and work have gone into developing unseen relationships.  But I still want to thank people publicly.

Mike at STL hops almost always links to us when we do a Missouri relevant beer–and with other topics, as well.  This was especially nice when we were just a fledgling little website.  Imagine when we were getting 20-30 hits a day on average, and then we’d get a link from Mike and we’d have 50-60 or more hits.  It was always a nice day because we knew that someone was noticing our humble little blog.  His site is especially relevant if you want to know about the Missouri beer scene, but I am always checking back into that site on other topics, too.

Peter at Simply Beer is constantly making me jealous.  Interviewing DFH’s Dogfather, tasting something great, or brewing something great.  What some of our readers don’t see are the conversations that some of us have in the background.  For instance, Peter organized us into an army that is going to brew the same beer on the same day with one tweak in the recipe.  I’m looking forward doing something with him, even if it is in spirit. Like our site, he includes some information on brewing and attempts to have a variety of good material, which I always like.  Check out Simply Beer if you want to do some interesting reading and see his interview with the Dogfather himself (and I’m not talking about that geek Snoop Dog).

Brad at Beer in Baltimore is another person who believes in cross promotion.  We’ve had him link to us several times, which is always nice for a little traffic love.  Beyond that, he does some interesting stuff.  Just recently, he held a contest in order to give away some free tickets to a beer festival.  Of course, that must have been at a personal cost to himself, but it’s a great idea.  He also has some nice articles on niche beer topics like Black Tuesday and other beer happenings.  Nice balance on his site as well.

Chris at Truecask is great.  One specific article he wrote had a real impact on both Nate and myself.  Nano-brewing was that article.  Thinking and starting small may be the key to our future success, and reading that article pushed me further in that direction.  Who says you have to be huge starting out?  Chris is always asking interesting questions on twitter and writing interesting articles on this site.  I recommend you check this cat out.

This post is getting a bit lengthy.  I think that we have to revisit this topic again on a third post.