It seems to me to be a fair assumption that we’ve all see at least snippets of the Oscars, Golden Globes, or some other such actors/actresses award show. Brad Pitt, Al Paccino, and many other actors have received accolades at these awards. But I happen to think that the best actors are being overlooked. No, I’m not talking about Vandaver Valarie (that’s a made up name…don’t google it), some b-side independent film actor that not even indie actors have heard of. I’m talking about more common and every day actors.

The group that I find to be particularly good at acting are people in commercials. Don’t laugh, I’m being serious. I have a certain group in mind when I say the above. Namely, I’m referencing those actors who are used in the big brewery beer commercials. Think about it: they are selling an inferior product and doing a good job at it. Does anybody recognize “drinkability,” “less filling,” or a certain Jet song from these commercials? Packaging is everything, apparently.

I can only believe that these burgeoning soap opera actors are destined for future greatness. Who else could pretend to think that Bud Light actually tastes good? That is acting. Admittedly, I have never possessed that quality of performance skills and it takes a real liar to pull it off.

Okay, so they pretend to like a terrible product. But they are such good actors that they convince much of the general population that they, the viewers themselves, like the beer, too. Consider this: how many people have taken their cue from these modern day Shakespearean actors? Their acting is so penetrating, so incisive, so absolute, that it rubs off on people. The drinkers themselves begin to pretend liking the beer. Who wouldn’t want the skill to bend people’s will?

I’ve often watched Saturday Night Live and seen co-actors crumble under the hilarity of Chris Farley. The guy is so funny that professionals can’t contain themselves. But none of these hold even a candle to the beer actors. Their product and farce is so laughable that one begins to wonder how they can keep from bursting in to uncontrollable convulsions. Yet they are steady and immovable objects, so great is their skill. The very fact that they are playing such a cosmic joke on the beer universe should bring them to tears with laughter.

Still, they hold true to their character of pretending that what they sell is not only palatable but superior. It’s like an adult selling a kid the flavor virtues that beets have over chocolate. Every adult knows the farce and does a poor job of establishing the very notion. This is not a problem for the beer actors. Why? Because they simply must be the best actors in the world!