Sam Adams: Summer Ale

They must have changed this thing.  Last I remember, this beer had lemongrass in it.  Now it seems to have lemon zest instead.  I distinctly remember not really caring for this ale last time I had it.  So, they have made some good changes. Of course, the Grains of Paradise are still used.  Grains of [...]

Review of Samuel Adam’s Imperial White Ale

Of the new Samuel Adam’s Imperial series, this one is definitely my favorite.  It’s not that the others were bad, but this one was that much better.  As you can see by browsing our Sam Adam’s reviews, we like the company and review them frequently.   Now to the Imperial White Ale, which is a [...]

Review of Samuel Adam’s Imperial Stout

This is the second beer we’ve reviewed from Samuel Adam’s Imperial series (the third if you count their Hallertau Imperial Pilsner), and we’ll be reviewing their Imperial White before too long.  What can you say, Samuel Adams almost always makes quality stuff.  This beer is no different; here is my review. Samuel Adam’s Imperial Stout [...]

Samuel Adams Imperial Double Bock Review

Certain breweries appropriate copious amounts of respect for various reasons.  I am speaking subjectively, in this case.  At times it is the history behind the brewery (spearheading the craft brewery movement), the beer itself, the leadership involved, or in the case of Samuel Adams it is a medley of all the above, and perhaps a [...]

Sam Adam’s Utopias: Beer Review

Doing this review is certainly one of the least Bourgeoisie things I’ve done.  Imagine paying anywhere from $160-$230 dollars for a 24 ounce bottle of beer, even if it does come in a hand-crafted vessel.  Now it is true that different boys like different toys, so I feel a little better in that respect.  I spend [...]

Middle of the Week Review: Samuel Adams Chocolate Bock

Last night I drank this beer that I’ve not had for about 4 years.  I remembered really enjoying it at the time, especially with a friend and some Davidoff cigars.  It went excellently with those smokes. Samuel Adam’s Chocolate Bock is considered one of their extreme beers, if you look at their website.  They have [...]

Drink with us Friday Review: Sam Adams Black Lager

As I intimated in my last post, it is somewhat odd for many people to think that a Lager can be black.  Many of us have been weaned on cheaper domestic Pilsners/Lagers, so to think about a Lager that is anything but blond sends many into a Delirium Tremens.  I’m not going to go into too [...]

Drink with us Friday: Review of Sam Adams Hallertau

In marketing, many times companies have been on the edge of false advertising…this is not one of them.  When the bottle tells the drinker that this is an intense hop experience, that is exactly what it means.  More about that in a minute. In terms of appearance, there was a nice foam white head on this [...]

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