Open DoorWelcome to our site.  We have received a recent influx of traffic and have taken note of the fact that we have some new readers.  First, thank you for choosing to visit our site in the first place.  Second, we thank you for choosing to come again by hitting the RSS button.  Your presence has been noted, and we are grateful for it.

Here at thankheavenforbeer, we encourage you to be a participatory part of shaping our content and offering your thoughts.  We want to foster an atmosphere of mutual respect while being open to the notion that we can learn from each other.  For that reason, you will find over 800 articles on a wide variety of topics.  We are making the navigation of our site more user friendly.  Of course, it is not all together unwieldy, but we want to make it even easier.  At any rate, please feel free to explore the wide breath of material on the site.  After all, much of it is directly reader-driven.

Undoubtedly, some of you have a explored a bit already.  Many of you have stopped by the Contact page, Store, Sip with us Saturday, etc.  But we encourage you to find some other topics in which you might interested.  But before you look around any more, let us tell you a bit about the site.

We have been writing for about three years now and, as I have already noted, written on a wide variety of topics.  However, if we could offer a brief  raison d’etre for our site, it is beer education.  Our “about us” page indicates our thoughts on the matter but all us to reiterate.  Beer is an experience, an enjoyable exploration, an exciting adventure.  Beer does not get the credit it deserves because many think all beers are just the same.

We want people to know about dozens and dozens of beer styles, the nuances even within those styles, and the enormous complexity in beer (both taste and culture-wise).  In short, we are tired of beer being wine’s ugly cousin and are out to restore its besmirched reputation.  We want you, the reader, to appreciate it more and perhaps gain a deeper understanding about one of the world’s oldest beverages.

Once again, thank you for choosing to view our website and we hope that you enjoy the content.