Self-denial can be a really important aspect to life.  At least I think so.  Personally, I find that giving up certain practices or refraining from various activities can be a rich and rewarding experience.  As some of you know, Nate and I both are practicing Christians. Both of us choose to see our faith a practice of rich enjoyment but also a practice of sober separation.

By separation I mean that I’ve personally given up drinking beer for Lent.  Is it easy?  No.  Do I wish that I could be drinking a beer right now?  Absolutely.  Am I still brewing for when I am back to the enjoyment of something I love so dearly?  You could not pull me away.

I do have to say I am having an rediscovered appreciation of beer.  No longer and I taking it as a given part of a day, an element that makes the meal complete, the work analgesic.  Instead, I am reflecting on how good it truly is and the beauty of it as a gift that has been given.  I guess I could call it a re-calibration during this time and I think some amazing points of clarity concerning my relationship with beer have come about during this time…I cannot wait to share more about that very soon.  In the mean time, thanks for begrudging me my occasional posts that meld faith and beer.