As I am certain many fellow beer drinkers, bloggers, and brewers can attest, life can be brutal sometimes.  Sometimes it can be brutal in the sense of cruel, but I am speaking more along the lines of breakneck, no rest, drooping eyes type brutal.  Perhaps busyness, clutter—whatever you choose to call it—most aptly describes how life can feel.

Can I get a witness?

Well, as the title indicates, there is no home remedy I know of that surpasses a good home brew.  Sure, most “cold ones” are simply terrific after feeling dragged down.  But something that has only come about by planning, care, and “I don’t give a shit about the pace you prefer, I’m going to do it in my own timing” of home brewing that makes it particularly satisfying after a long day, week, or start to the week that knocks the socks off my tired feet.

Please tell me you know this joy!