Having children is hard work; but hard work is not bad, and usually is quite rewarding.  My wife and I have five children.  We also have forsaken sleeping in, alone time, date nights, and frivolous spending of money.  In the same breath we have gained so much more…pride, love, friendship, and countless nights enjoying our kids being kids.  Hands down, the trade off is worth it.

There are certain moments when we, as parents, realize that our kids “get us.”  In those moments we see that they don’t see us as old geezers, that they enjoy us, trust us, and hold a hell of a lot of respect for us.  The feeling is mutual.

How does beer fit into all of this…into child rearing?

This past Sunday after spending the afternoon with my dad (yes, I bought him beer for father’s day) we headed home, tired and ready to relax.  My son Malachi (seven years old)  asked if he could get out the crayons and paper.  Upon obliging his desired activity, he said, “whatever you do, dad, DON’T LOOK AT WHAT I’M DRAWING.”  I knew he was making me a Father’s Day card, and was touched that he took the initiative.  I was even more touched to see his drawing (click the pic to enlarge):

This is no average drawing of two folks holding balloons, ladies and gentlemen: No, this is a drawing of my son and I holding balloons.  And those are no ordinary balloons.  They are balloons shaped like beer bottles with our respective names inscribed on them…and we look happy, blissful, dare I say…buoyant.

My boy knows what I like.  He seeks to please me, but the picture shows more.  He could have just drawn a picture of me and me alone enjoying a brew or holding a beer bottle balloon.  But he didn’t.  He drew a picture of me AND him enjoying some beer balloons together.  Clearly, he not only values our relationship, but sees my love of beer as something that he too can participate in.  And he does.  Nary a home brew day goew by that he doesn’t help me mash, sparge, pitch some hops, or chill the wort.  And come bottling day, he can fill the bottles like a pro.

Beer:  Bringing dads and sons together for more than a few millennia.

Does beer ever play a positive roll in the relationship with your dad or son?