As I said, I consider this a go-to beer.  That is; upon purchasing, I do not expect to be floored by a magnificent flavor, but for the price, it’s great enjoyable beer.

The Pour:

This beer pours a dark ruby brown color with a decent head that disappears quickly.  I noticed that the head had a very slight greenish tint to it.  A considerable amount of thin carbonation bubble race to the surface, but more slowly than a typical beer, reveal the thicker nature of this beer.  Swishing the beer gently in my glass, it is apparent that this is a sticky sweet beverage, as you can see the liquid cling to the sides and capture a little bit of the head.  BUT, this looks thinner than a lot of other doppelbocks I’ve had.

The Nose:

Sweet, sweet, sweet malts!  Toasted malts and earthy grain greet the nose.  There is a strong sour fruit smell–I thought sour green apple.  I picked up on a roasted pecan aroma, and, call me crazy, but a bloody meat essence.  Kind of like the smell of a rare (red)  meat that has been marinating in lemon juices, vinegar, and oil and is about to hit the grill.

The Taste:

The initial confrontation of beer with tongue is sweet compared to many other beer styles.  The flavor, at first, is of sweet malts that carry brown sugar and molasses.  But as it slides back on the tongue the sweetness is fruity.  the like green apples and raisins.  There is a very (“very” for doppelbocks”) bitter nature to this beer.  The bitterness, when mixed with alcohol flavor, tastes sour.  The alcohol flavor reminded me a lot of a dark cane sugar rum.  The finish leaves an odd bitter bite.  At the beer goes down the throat, the higher than normal (in my opinion) carbonation tickles my throat.

General Thoughts:

This is a good beer, especially for that size of the brewery.  I have come to love doppelbocks, and thus, while enjoying the experience, would rate this a little bit lower.  I have tasted better.  It was a little to bitter, and could have standed a little more malt for thickness and sweetness.

Nate’s Rating:

  1. Overall Satisfaction: ★★★½☆ 

    Among other Doppelbochs: ★★★☆☆ 

I you like caramel covered apples, this is the beer for you!