Part of the curse of being a beer geek is the incessant need for new and different beers.  How could this possibly be a curse?, you might ask.  You might live in a state that is either hostile to alcohol consumption (i.e. Oklahoma) or your neck of the woods just does not have the greatest selection.  The latter has been the case for many who have emailed us and asked us where they could find our Sip With Us Saturday Beers, to which we offered a few suggestions.  Here in Toledo, OH I feel a small amount of pain on both ends.  Nothing over 12% can hit our shelves, and there are tons of breweries that bypass this area.

For the poor soul who lives smack dab in the center of Oklahoma city and can’t make a weekly trek to Kansas or New Mexico, do not despair–I have one word for you:  EBAY.

Silly as the website that celebrates America’s favorite past time (spending money) may seem, it is an amazing location for discovering strange and exotic beers.  The reason being, as per EBAY’s rules, alcohol can only be found on the site if it can be categorized as a collectible. EBAY rules states a brew can only be sold if:The item is not available at any retail outlet, and the container has a value that substantially exceeds the current retail price of the alcohol in the container.  You will not be finding Natty Light in their listings, instead you will find a menagerie of rare and expensive beers.

Last night as I sat on the couch I was overcome with lust for this beauty: A sampler of 6 Westvleteren Belgian Beers-one of the world’s best trappist beer.  Were it not for the $119.00 price tag I would have picked some up.  I found a few bottles of Dark Lord, and a couple of Sam Adams’ Utopias, just to mention a few.  At one point, Allsopp’s Beer, a beer brewed specially for Sir Edward Belcher’s 1852 expedition to the Arctic, was up for sale on EBAY, ultimately selling for over $500!

If EBAY isn’t your gig, I found this list of online beer purveyors that is pretty exhaustive.  After checking out some of the links, I discovered some beers for sale that I had thought required cross-country journeying were I ever to consume them.

The point is, financial hardships aside (and I have had plenty!), the only excuse for drinking inferior or dilluted beer is apathy or ignorance!