Trinken Sie mit uns!

We are heading back to Bavaria, a land rich in beer history, for this weeks Sip With Us Saturday beer:  Paulaner’s Salvator.  Paulaner is one of those breweries that has achieved a certain respect over time, and for many a beer geek world wide, I dare say it is one of those ‘go-to-beers’…you might not be blown away by the brew, but you will certainly enjoy the flavor and the experience.

Salvator is a Doppel Bock in style, and comes in at a warming 7.9% ABV.  If you want to know more about doppel bocks, Mike wrote a great style series article. If you like darker, rich flavors, you are in luck this week.  i actually picked out this weeks beer for a budding young beer geek friend…I hope he enjoys it!

I remember the first time I tasted Salvator.  To be honest, I didn’t know a thing about beer.  I had recently discovered flavors and styles outside of mainstream beer.  I first tried their Hefeweizen, and came back for the Salvator.  I thought I was the king of culture…hmm…maybe I still do.

Anyway, pick up a six pack and share it with a friend.  It will only run you about $8 to $9 dollars…a meager investment for a great memory and a good brew.  Let us know what you think for our subsequent review!