This is our second Friday of beer tasting at Crown Liquors in Avon. Last week we had Nogne Imperial Stout and Mekkeller’s Jackie Brown Ale, which I’ll be posting about really soon. As far as this week goes, Cavalier and Crown have teamed up to let me give you some more good beer to try.

This week we will be drinking Route des Epices from Quebec, Canada, and Skargaards Porter from Denmark. It’s self-explanatory what type of beer Skargaards is, but the other beer is a little more mysterious. The name means “Spice Route,” which refers to spice routes that were traded on between Asia and Africa. Spices were extremely valuable back in the day; salt was even worth it’s weight in gold at one point. I wonder if the same will be true of this beer. It is unique in two ways. One, it is brewed with peppercorns. Two, it is a rye beer, which is not an extremely common brewing grain.

So, join us Friday to taste these beers and see what you think. Bring a friend, tell a friend, or drag a friend along.