Now that we’ve had a few beers from other countries we mustn’t forget the domestic situation.  Rogue is an American brewery from Oregon that has been brewing since the late 80s.  As the name implies, they attempt to be a rogue brewing outfit that pushes the normal limits.  Beers in their line-up include a chipotle beer, Dead Guy Ale, an imperial Pilsner and beyond.  Rogue has a nice array of beers from which to choose.  For the list of beers that they have, you can visit this link.  The brewery puts more information on their bottles than most breweries.  Their information includes alcohol level (measured in degrees plato), an ingredients list, beer notes, tasting notes and even pairing suggestions.  You can learn a lot about their beer when armed with this knowledge.  They even suggest putting this particular beer as the liquid in a float (that’s right, a beer float).  I have done this with other stouts and had surprising results. 

Here is the scoop (pun intended) on this beer.  It is an Oatmeal Stout, which is a variation in the Stout family…which is actually in the Porter family (more on this very soon).  Oatmeal is notoriously difficult to brew with since it gelatinizes.  This makes it hard to filter out of the beer during the mashing process.  Either way, the extra work is worth the reward.  I’ve not had this Stout before, but I do expect a couple of things.  There will be a nice full feeling in your mouth when you drink it, it will have some Chocolate notes in the flavor profile, and (according to some) an earthy flavor from the oats.  We will see what else this beer has in store.  I’m counting on it being enjoyable.  It is proper to drink this beer around 50-55 degrees or even at room temp.  It will be available in a 22 oz bottle for $6-8.  It will probably be room temp when you buy it, so if you want to cool it, give yourself some time.