Here is the “drink with us Friday” beer…Trois Pistoles (three towers).  Look for it in a four pack or a 750 ml bottle.  The 750 ml bottle might run around $7.99, so share it with a friend.  The four pack may run you about $9-11.  The 9% ABV is plenty for you both.  This beer from Canada (Quebec) has a reputation for brewing its ales on lees, which are grapes used in making wine.  For a good apologetic on why their beer costs what it does (or any good beer costs what it does) check out Unibroue’s website.  Their main page wil also allow you to read about their beers and methods.  I’ve had the pleasure of having multiple beers of theirs on tap (including this one).  Leave it to a French Canadian brewery to use grapes and come up with a delicious result.  I can’t wait to drink this.  We may feature another one of their beers before too long.

P.S. I want to encourage those who try this beer to try it with one or multiple friends.  I’m actually excited because I’m planning on drinking this locally with some people from work.  YUM!