Few things on earth give me more joy than brewing and drinking the beer that I make.  Flying solo or drinking it with my wife is a more than sufficient means of enjoyment as far as I’m concerned.  Yet, there is nothing like sharing brew with family, friends, and acquaintances.

I love the thrill of seeing eyes light up when I tell someone that I made the beer at home or hearing people express that their concept of what beer can be has been expanded.  In all honesty, that is one of the particular joys I truly look forward to having when Nate and I are running the brewery.  We are beyond excited to sit and talk with people about our beers and their nuances.

We have several opportunities to share our beer with others in the near future, but I am excited about one in particular.  I am brewing for a friend’s wedding.  Not too shabby at all…and I get to experiment with some styles a bit.  Here is what I’m brewing:

Caramel Apple beer: I am using malts that are known for caramel notes, and I made some sugar from apples that I juiced.  Kinda excited about this one.

Pecan Pie: This beer is loosely a brown ale (a fairly nebulous style anyway).  But I also candied some pecans and used homemade golden syrup in it.

Pumpkin Ale: In the past I’ve not been a fan of the style, but I’m going to see what I can do with it…I’ve got some plans.

Oatmeal Stout: Classic and straightforward but bound to be good.

What can I say, I love brewing and sharing beer.  As I write this post, I realize that it is a fairly personally driven narrative about what I’m up to.  However, I hope it inspires you to go and do likewise.  It’s a great week to brew or share some beer with people.