I am swelling with pride.  As I noted yesterday, I love sharing beer with people.  The experience of teaching someone to brew is especially satisfying to me.  Of course, the purpose of that post was simply to encourage others to share experiences with beer and to be an encouragement along the beer journey.

Fast forward a few hours… I got a text from a friend who I introduced to homebrewing while my wife and I lived in Pasadena: “Hey, buddy.  I just bottled a honey amber ale.  Went smooth cuz of you.  Thanks!”

A few words like that mean a lot to me.  Danny had come over for a few brews, and we talked about brewing methods and bottling, etc.  I know that he paid close attention and really took hold of the process.  I can tell you that I’ve taught more than a dozen people how to brew.  Not everyone ends up picking it up, but I’m sure glad when someone does.

To all the homebrewers out there: Teach someone how to brew the next time you are homebrewing, and you might get a text a few years later that makes your day.  Ahh!  Beer.