A few weeks ago St. Louis Hops posted an article asking readers to describe the moment in which they turned their back on their buddy, Budweiser.  We, and you, are hoping and praying that beer drinkers across the United States, particularly our leaders and the guys who arrest and are arrested on front porches in this great Union, see the light of day. Mike and I would suggest that everyone reading this article right now had an epiphanous moment in which they realized that beer did not have to be a pale, flavor-free lager that short on malt and hop content, and pumped full of additives like rice.

What a glorious moment that was, for all of us, and the world needs to hear your story.  Perhaps your craft beer conversion came from the diligent work of a beer-vangelist, perhaps you found yourself at a pub that only served better beer, or maybe and angel appeared to you in a dream, advising you to change your ways.  Whatever, we want to hear it.

It has been said, there is no Zealot like a convert.  Perhaps in reliving your moment of enlightenment, the old zealot for better beer will be revived in you, and you may thus serve the craft community with passion once more.

Nate’s Story:

I can distinctly remember the moment in which I was set free from the shackles of the likes of Natty light that I purchased from the gas station.  I was already flirting with better beer.  Out of morbid curiosity I had begun straying here and there from the usual suspects and found myself picking up a sixer of Killians or Amberbock.  Some may disagree, but I found the flavors bolder and more appealing.  I even picked up a pack of Guinness here and there, but I still find myself going back to basics.

But one day a buddy and I stumbled into The International Wine Center in Springfield, MO.  I don’t remember why…I think just to check it out and try to convince ourselves that we were cultured individuals or maybe we were just looking for a sweet deal on some not so sweet beer.  Either way, I remember seeing the shelves full of thousands of different types and brands of beer.  It blew me away.  I had no clue the beer world offered such variety.  From that point on, I began buying a different beer every time I had the chance.  At that time I, the Neophyte that I was, strictly shopped in the Imports aisle, thinking other countries held the market on good beer–A slightly logical conclusion when the cheap lager past dominates the American market and airwaves.  Eventually, via Boulevard Brewery, I discovered and loved the American Craft Beer scene.

What was your moment?