The only thing that would have made this Matilda a more satisfying drinking experience, would be if Danny DeVito and Rhea Pearlman stopped by, kicked back their feet, had a few laughs, and enjoyed it with me.  Seriously, as I said this great beer with a great story hits the spot regardless of the setting.

The Pour:

Pours a vivid orangish color, nearly the color of a Californian sunset.  Extremely tiny bubles form thin streams in several places towards the edge of the glass. The head is minimal and dissipates quickly.  This is a beautiful looking beer.  It looks like it tastes good!

The Smell:

No doubt Belgian yeast is used here.  There crisp green apples (a flavor I find common in Belgians, but that might just be me), oranges, and a slight clove flavor hit the nose.  There is a mild and soothing sugary aroma…almost like a sucker.

The Taste:

There is a this beer than is typical than with style.  Mixed with the crisp apple flavor that was present in the aroma, a slight dark rum flavor, grapes, and a flavor that reminded me of root beer, this beer offers a complexity not found in Goose Island’s typical line up.  There is a strange yet appealing underlining hop bitterness not typical with type of beer, but compliments the fruitiness perfectly.  All the while, despite being a thin bubbly beer, the mouth feel is exceedingly smooth, and the alcohol bite at the end reminds you that this beer packs a mild punch.

Nate’s Review:

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★★¼ 

Among other Belgian Pale Ales: ★★★★☆