So many times we’ve had beers on here that many of you couldn’t get.  Well, my answer to that is to occasionally post a beer that most everyone can get.  Although I’ve said before that I don’t feel this is a classic example of Pale Ale as a style, it is a beer to be tried in its own right.

I know that this is a bit of short notice to post it on Thursday night, so I’m hoping many of us are able to get this beer.  Let me say also that Nate and I plan to get a list together of our next few beers and may post a list of the future Drink with us Fridays…so you can be ready, too.

Anyway, pick up Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and drink it with us.  Here are some links that talk about what a Pale Ale is and so on.  In fact, the first link above is one that has some info on Pale Ale.  This link is one that goes to our style series and covers Pale, India Pale, and some other Ales.