Several posts ago we talked about those beers that are so unsettling, you, the connoisseur are left with no recourse but to empty the contents down the drain. Upon asking your opinion, the responses made me chuckle. Whether it was Dave equating Coors Light with urine, Jason ridiculing imitation craft beer, or Vince confirming everything, even crappy beer, has a purpose, I had a great time interacting with everyone.

I want this post to focus on the antithesis of sink worthy beer:  Throat Worthy Beer. That is; what does it for you?  What beers make you want to open another before you have finished the one in your hand.  Admittedly, the question is broad.  It is far more difficult for me to decide on my favorite beer than my least favorite.  In fact, it is impossible for me to pick one favorite.  As I wrote months ago in the About page of this blog, my favorite beer changes with the seasons.  So for this post, I am going to pick one of the better beers I’ve had in the past several months.

Rogue’s Imperial Pilsner.  My wife actually picked this beauty up for me for Christmas.  Man…what an amazing beer.  For the money, this finely tuned fermented beverage is worth buying again (and again and again).  The style itself is a favorite of mine, but I thought Rogue hit the spot, and packaged it beautifully.

So, what tops your favorites list and why?