Some seemingly oxymoronic things fit so well together, that when combined they result in brilliance:   Peanut butter and pickles, Guns and Roses, Alec Baldwin and Jack Donaghy, and beer and politics.  Of course, as per the theme of this blog necessitates, I intend on focusing on the latter of these medleys (although Axl and Alec tempt me to stray).  I do hope this post results in deeper, much more intellectual, ponderings in the future, whether in the seldom utilized comments section, or in posts to come.

First off, tip of the hat to you, Half Moon Bay Brewing Company for your satirical commitment to patriotism and clever marketing in your recent “Alection.”  (If the stars align and you find your way to this humble brewski shrine, please, feel free to send us a sample of you life’s labor).  Half Moon Bay has made it possible for all us Joe-the-Plumbers of America to show our love for our candidate of choice to all those who sidle up to the bar next to us.  They have filled thousands of bottles with the same recipe and dressed them up in either Obama labels or McCain labels.  Supposedly, this will shed some light on the future outcome of the election.  Not surprisingly (Half Bay is located just a couple of miles outside the notoriously liberal San Fransisco, CA) Obama is beating out McCain 4 to 1.  I would love to test these malty water out and drink the life blood of my candidate of choice’ unfortunately, this clever line of beer is not available in Toledo, OH.

Marketing gimmicks aside, there are examples of beer’s roots growing deep in political history.  Now, you don’t have to go back to our founding fathers; beer and politics are intrinsically intertwined, remember!  I am thinking of John McCain; actually, Cindy McCain.  Cindy’s family fortune is partially birthed from our favorite bubbly elixer.  Cindy’s deceased father founded the Arizona  based Hensley company, a massive beer distributor that works extensively with Anheuser Bush.  In fact, the lovely Mrs. McCain is a majority share holder (68%), and John’s son is one of Henlsey’s executives.  Unfortunately, in such a season as this, objective reporting is thrown to the wind in place of muck-raking smear articles, so I give you a USA today article painting the MCCain’s as alcoholic drunk drivers lobbying to put Bud Light in every elementary school soda machines (wow…I can do it it too!  Read on here).

Like a true American plebeian, I have made up my mind to throw sensible voting standards–standards based on candidate history and political platform–aside in favor of beer credentials.  I guess this leaves Mr. Obama with around 9 days to come up with some kick-ass beer connection to steal my vote.