Oftentimes I would love to brew during the week but find that it is not really that plausible after work…or…it wasn’t.

I’ve recently rediscovered the joy of brewing lower gravity (most recently a mild) brews. In the past, my brews have tended to be pretty big, wheat heavy, or fairly involved.  Large grain bills that take up quite a bit of space also take up a great amount of time.  The sparge time is, in my opinion, the (no pun intended) sticking point.  For all these reasons, I was afraid to start a brew after work.  Who wants to slave over a brew deep into the hours of the night?

I actually don’t mind, but now I’ve found an easier way. Smaller beers (in terms of gravity) are much easier to deal with during a work night.  I’m trying to increase the amount of beers I’m brewing to…well, let’s just say that I’m glad I have a two person household (government is something else). So, what’s a better choice than a relaxing evening of brewing while drinking a homebrew?  I mean, what am I going to do, watch T.V.?  I’d rather M*A*S*H than watch it anyway.  It’s four hours well spent.

Do you do the brew on a weeknight?