The more Nate and I muse about how many beer blogs there really are out there, the more we realize that many sites have a lot to offer.  One thing we really attempt to do is become more and more reader specific without sounding too much like an in-house conversation.  We attempt to address a range of topics as an attempt not to have the same information day in and day out.  We have plenty of ideas, written posts, and thoughts already written out, but we want to find out what others are interested in, too.  It’s a constant point of remembrance for us that this site is not just about us.  Rather, we want to find ways to make it about you also (whoever the “you”s of the world are).

We hope to this point that our content has been engaging, thought-provoking, or even silly at times.  Yet, some nagging suspicion (one that is occasionally confirmed) says that there are topics that we don’t or haven’t addressed.  Well, here is your chance to chime in and tell us what to do.  We want to encourage our readership to please give us their two cents.  What would you like to see from us?  We would love to see become one of the most reader friendly sites on the web.  So, give us some of your “I want to see this” content thoughts.  Thanks!