Lagunitas brewing company hails from California and is just one western beer that I can’t normally get in the Midwest (thanks for flying us out, Randy and Chong), so I’m always excited to travel West.  Since this beer is a Czech-style Pilnser, it is only appropriate that the brewery uses Saaz hops to do the job.  Unfortunately, this beer goes the same way as many pilsners: demonstrating a big drop in the amount of hops that are traditional to the style. 

The beer was light gold in color with little head retention, despite being active in the glass. 

Slight hints of hay and sweet malts were notable in the aroma of the beer.  There was not much hop floral aroma on the nose, which I’ve argued is appropriate and historically accurate for the style.  Beyond this there were very slight hints of ale qualities in this lager.

On the tongue there was a slight hop bitterness and dryness, especially on the end of the brew.  It was more bitter than many pilsners I’ve tasted–but not quite bitter enough.  It also lacks the aroma hops that would give it a nice kick.  When I say this, I’m squarely thinking about Jever and Samuel Adam’s Imperial Pilsners.  I think that malts and the lagering weren’t the problem of this beer; they really could afford to ”Czech” their hop content.

Mike’s Rating:

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★¼☆ 

Among Pilsners ★★★☆☆