Samuel Adams describes this beer as an Intense Hop experience.  I’ve had it once before and remember think that they were right.  Here is the deal; the Pilsners that Americans have become accustomed to drink are an emaciated version of the original.  The original version of the Pilsner is still made by Urquell, although it is not what it once was.  A delicious version of a good Pilsner is Jever.  What changed about Pilsners?  Well, Americans do not tend to like bitters in their food or drink.  So, numerous companies reduced the hop content to meet the demands of people’s palates.  In some ways, Samuel Adams is responding to this phenomena by giving some intensity back to a Pilsner.  Don’t expect a normal “Pilsner” when you drink this beer.  I won’t go into it too much here but a Pilsner is actually in the Lager family of beers, so there is the freshness of a Lager with a hop intensity that is not normal for a lagered beer.  If you want to know more a beer styles, stay tuned to this site as we are about to launch a series on the subject.  Hope you try this with us.