This particular beer is a Belgian Triple Blonde Ale and the only one that I’ve tried from Green’s brewing.  I had this a couple of nights ago, which gave me a few days to process the brew.  By the way, it is gluten free…some of you will be happy about this.

Like the name indicates, the beer is very blonde in appearance.  There was very little head and it was not very stable, which is not typical for a lot of Belgians (see Duvel review).

As I sniffed the beer, I noted a very grapish aroma which can also be characterized as winish.  The alcohol aromas also came through very plainly as a vodka-type smell, which also came through noticeably in the taste.  Of course, this beer is 8.5% alcohol.

Upon tasting the beer, the alcohol was very up-front.  There was a nice fullness in the mouth, which gave the impression of hard cider.  The beer ended with a dry woodiness.  Overall, I thought that the beer lacked balance.  The primary reason for the lack of balance was that the alcohol flavors dominated a style which is normally very subtle in its alcohol qualities.  I hope that this is not the end of the quest for a better Quest Triple Ale beer.