Not your average Wheat beer.  Schneider and Sohn’s makes a very nice lines of beers, which are not necessarily conventional.  There are so many good beers that come out of Germany, especially Bavaria, it is hard to call one great.  However, this particular brew is one example of German beers at their finest.  This beer is actually an ice version of the normal Aventinus beer, which despite being the same beer as this is actually quite different.  Being an ice beer, this is quite thicker and more assertive than the non-ice version of the beer.  So, if this is Eisbock too much for you, Aventinus is a good alternative.  (I’ve posted about Eisbock in another article in case you want to know a little more.)

After the initial pouring of the beer, the head was small but retained very well.  It looked like a Belgian beer head in its fineness of carbonation, although Belgian beers heads are generally more billowing.  Aventinus was very actively effervescent in the glass, which made it appear to be a lively beer.  It was very deeply brown with reddish and violet traces of color.  What a lovely beer.  So much sensory data.

If there was a lot going on in the glass, it was a prelude to what was happening on the nose of the beer.  There was a ton of stuff happening in the aromas of the beer.  Here is what I smelled happening.  Sweetness on the nose and alcohol aroma were one of the major facets of this beer.  There were some wine qualities to the aroma, but the beer was also peppery-smelling like Tequila.  Touches of banana could be noticed along with some clove notes.  The sweetness and spices combined to form a (gingerbread?) cookie aroma to the brew. 

Being an Eisbock, the beer was thicker than average, which gave a very full feeling in the mouth.  I imagine this would be especially thick if the beer were cold (I drink the beers I post on here at room temp).  Some of the spices came through clearly in the brew along with the banana notes.  The taste had a mix between Tequila and Vodka alcohol flavors–tequila in its peppery notes and Vodka in its taste profile.  The alcohol was readily apparent but not overpowering.  There was a long dry roastiness to the beer that made a nice finish.  Great beer but not for everyone.

Mike’s Review:

Overall Satisfaction: ★★★★½ 

Among other Eisbocks that I've had: ★★★★★