Guilt has been weighing on our consciences here at Thank Heaven for Beer after our flirtation with evil a couple weeks as we drank and promoted that blood sucking beer, Nasfuratu.  Pennence in mind, this week we bring you a highly acclaimed and most delicious beer–Celebrator–put out by Ayinger.  This beer, called the Pope of Beers (Eat that Budweiser!!!) is said to originate from a monk’s recipe (notice the cricifix in the background of the picture that was taken off the brewery website).

This beer bleeds culture.  Out of the heart of Bavaria, Atinger puts out a fine line of beers.  If you ever so inclined, you can even hop on a plane and stay on sight at the brewery’s hotel.  Now that’s my kind of vacation!  I encourage you take the time to click on the links provided in this post and check out the histroy of Ayinger provided provided by the brewery website.

Celebrator is a doppelbock; that is, a very hearty and malty beer.  You will definitely pick up on that roasted flavor and hints of chocolate/coffee.  This beer, slightly more alcoholic than many beers (6.7%) is a beer in itself.

Pick it up and drink with us this Frday!