For the first time since launching this humble beer blog I am not looking forward to this week’s Drink It With Us Friday beer.  In fact, I am downright TERRIFIED, and you should be too.  Not only is this Friday, October 31, 2008, the spookiest days of the year (besides National Potato Day, of course), but we will also be drinking one of the most bone chilling beers out there; Great Lakes Brewing Company’s, Nosferatu.

While I haven’t tried Nosferatu yet, I am sure I will like it, as the style always appeals to me.  Nosferatu, a seasonal beer, is available only September-October, is a strong red ale.  It should be pretty hoppy with sweet and sugary malt undertones.

The beer is actually named after a 1922 black and white film that covers the story of a German vampire.  Because we here at THFB care about the drinking experience of you, our readers, so much, we have included a link to the actual film (here) this monstrous beer is named after.  So this Friday, kick back, pour yourself a Great Lakes Brewing CO. Nosferatu, and enjoy the show…just don’t blame us for your nightmares.