I was looking on our blog stats for this site the other day.  We have been up for a couple of months now, and I’ve really enjoyed writing.  There were days that I we got 2, 4, or 6 hits.  Now we are averaging 30 or so hits a day.  One day we even got 98 hits.  I was hoping for two more.  Now we have reached a little over 1000 hits on our blog.  There are blogs out there that get thousands or even millions of hits a day.  Am I jealous?  In one sense I am.  Those sites make money or fame for people.  Those sites are well established and look to be around for quite a while.  In another sense, I am not jealous at all.  Those who become interested in this site are discriminating readers and beer drinkers.

Many sites appeal to a mass audience that really has nothing to say, contribute, or add to the conversation.  We count on those who read this site to be passionate about the subjects written on the site.  We desire that those who get on here have something unique to add to the content.  To that end, I want to encourage you, the reader, to respond to the posts on the site. 

The more I thought about it, I said to myself that 1000 hits is not that small of a number at all.  The more I considered the idea that 1000 people have looked and read an article that they cared about, the more I appreciated all of you who hit this site…especially the regulars.  To that end, I ask you to click the RSS button and “subscribe” (free, of course) to the blog.  Are you passionate about beer like we are?  Do you know others who are passionate about beer?  Do you know people who would become more passionate about beer if they read the content of the website?  If so, I want to appeal to you to keep reading the site.  Would you also consider telling someone else (or numerous people) about this site?  Can we all share our love for beer together? 

I do want to assure you that Nate and I make no money on this site.  We have no sponsors, banners, or Viagra advertisements.  What we do have is an abiding sense of wonder about this fermented beverage.  Do you or someone you know feel the same way?  If so, visit us and spread the work.  Thank you to all our readers.