Hailing from the respectable Ommegang brewery, this week we will be downing750ml of a fine quadrupel beer, Three Philosophers.  What is a quadrupel?

A quadrupel is a belgium style of ale that is a bit stronger (more alcoholic–this one hits hard at 9.8% ABV) and bolder than typical belgium ales.  This beer should suite the fancy of the snob, the novice, the sweet tooth, and/or those who favor bitter flavors.  If you find yourself forgetting to go out and buy your beer for our weekly libation, write yourself a memo…or have your secretary do it for you.  This highly reviewed brew will not let you down!  Pricing varies depending on location.  Last week I saw a bottle in a local supermarket for just a hair over six bucks, while surfing the web tonight I saw it up for grabs in a NY market for an astounding $11.99.

Perhaps there are those readers of Thank Heaven for Beer who occasionally find this site stale, predictable, mono-thematic, etc.  Sure, this blog is devoted to beer, but like we’ve said before beer is an experience.  In fact, I thought of the idea for this week’s beer of choice as I read through a stimulating philosophical article on theories of wealth, the human worker, and economism.  So, if you feel so inclined, leave us a comment…let us know what you’ve been reading, thinking about as it might apply to a beer named “Three Philosophers.”