Here is the beer for Friday.  This particular beer is made in Belgium in a very complicated brewing process.  It runs at 8.5% ABV but is extremely deceptive;  it drinks more like a 5% ABV beer.  I’ve obviously had it before, but I am looking forward to revisiting it.  Duvel (pronounced doov’l) means Devil.  It is alleged that it is called this because one of the people involved in its conception said something to the effect of, “This is a Devil of a beer.”  I don’t know if it was because of the subtlety that it had while really being a destructive beast or if if was simply an accolade.  Either way, I think this beer will be a nice night cap to a rough week.  Thank heaven for a beer with such a devilish nature.  Look for this beer as a 750 ml or a 4-pack.  The 750 might be between $6-9.  The four 11.2 ounce bottles will be between $7-10.  Enjoy with a friend.