Until we get all get used to Thank Heaven for Beer, certain consequential information bears repeating.  I am speaking of course of Drink It With Us Friday.  You see, a good beer is made better (or worse) depending upon certain factors:  i.e. beverage temperature, glassware, food pairing.  One factor quite often overlooked is companionship. As has previously been stated, while beer is calming and delicious, it is an experience.

So while most current and future subscribers to this humble tribute to one of life’s pleasantries may live miles apart, every Friday we can all participate together in enjoying this gift.  I will divulge, our purposes for this feature of THFB are based on slightly selfish reasons.  The authors of this site have not seen nor enjoyed a beer together in nearly five years.

Without further ado, this Friday’s beer of choice (which will be reviewed and open to discussion the following day) is Brooklyn Brewery’s Monster Barley Wine as per the suggestion of good friend and beer enthusiast, Rob.  Please, make your most enterprising attempt to purchase this monster for Friday.

Like our last tasting, do not expect to find this beer easily attainable in months or years to come.  Typically released around October, this should pack a punch (10.8 ABV).  According to the creators it is “vivacious when young, but will age gracefully for many years, becoming more complex over time.”

Check out Brooklyn Brewery’s impressive site for more details.  While you are their, check out their food paring ideas and the accompanying recipes.

We look forward to raising our glass with you on Friday