Eventually, maybe even today, we (Nate and Mike) will get around to putting together our about page where you, dear friend, will understand more about this site and its authors.

As we were brainstorming for this site, it occurred to us that enjoying the fine taste of a quality brew can be more rewarding when performed in the company of a friend.  So every Friday, from this day forward, we invite you to enjoy a preselected beer with us.  The following day we hope to gather together around our illuminated screens and discuss the beer, the flavor, the mood…the experience.

Despite the fact that today is Sunday, and not Friday, we are going to kick things off in honor of finally getting this site off the ground.  Today Mike and I will be enjoying a fine Dogfish Head brew, Raison D’Etre.  Raison D’Etre, last released in March 2007 is LIMITED in availability, so drink up!  In fact, try cellaring a bottle or two.

Raison D’Etre (lit. “reason for being”…how aprpriate) is a deep, mahogany ale brewed with beet sugar, green raisins, and Belgian-style yeast.  It should be enjoyed at a 45-50 degree temperature.  This brew is 8% abv (alcohol by volume).

We hope that you don’t live in a dry county and are able to rush out and purchase Raison D’Etre at your favorite supplier.  Stop back and let us know what your thoughts were, and as always, nice drinking with you.