Unibroue’s Trader Joe’s Vintage Ale 2009

Ale on lees.  Yum!  When I see “ale on lees,” I know it’s a Unibroue beer, and I’m typically a fan… no matter who owns them.  Even if it had Trader Joe’s on the label, I thought it’d be worth a spin.  And for $4.99 on a 750ml bottle that was 9%ABV, I was willing [...]

Unibroue Seigneuriale

Lord of the manor, larger powers, or independent.  All of these words could be used to describe Unibroue’s position in the Canadian market.  Really, I gave you the definition of what the word Seigneuriale means, although it could be what this brewery is.  Unibroue is located in French Quebec Canada and is a fairly sizable [...]

A Terrible Beer Review

Terrible (man I love saying that) pours dark and black into the glass. It looks like a thin stout, except for the fantastic carbonation. The head wasted no time indisappearing, leaving a sticky resin and great design work on the inside of the glass.

Candian Craft Beer | St. Ambroise 20th Anniversary

The founder, Steve McAuslan, left his position as senior administrator at Dawson College, under the firm conviction that Quebec needed and could handle a quality beer, and that after 25 years of experience as a home brewer he was the guy to bring it to them.

Rosee d’Hibiscus by Brasserie Ciel de Dieu

This brewery from Quebec makes some very unique beers, including an ale made with peppercorns and a wee heavy with maple syrup. I still think they’re my second favorite Canadian brewery behind Unibroue. They are worth a try if you can find their stuff. This particular ale incorporates hibiscus flowers in the brewing process. The [...]

Don’t Take Your Beer for Granted

As American and world markets tumble headfirst into ruin, not only are the movers and shakers and owners of various institutions affected, but the little guys, like you and I feel the pinch as well.  Besides the fact that we (and our children…and our children’s children) will be paying off a $700 billion mortgage for [...]

Drink with us Friday|Review of Trois Pistoles

Hopefully there are more people drinking it “with us Friday.”  A special thanks to you, Dave, for sticking to our “regiment.”  Here are my impressions of the beer.  I started with the pour, which produced a rich light brown and creamy head.  What is nice about this is that the head stuck around.  I noticed [...]

Drink with us Friday|Trois Pistoles

Here is the “drink with us Friday” beer…Trois Pistoles (three towers).  Look for it in a four pack or a 750 ml bottle.  The 750 ml bottle might run around $7.99, so share it with a friend.  The four pack may run you about $9-11.  The 9% ABV is plenty for you both.  This beer from [...]