Wednesday.  I cannot believe that it’s come so quickly.  Andrea and I are moving to Kansas City in less than a week and we are excited about the prospects that are open to us.  For that reason, I thought it was time for a couple of updates.  The first update is the one I just stated.

The second update has to do with the kickstarter fund-raising.  We are right at the half-way mark at our campaign.  It’s hard to believe that the time is moving so fast.  As a friendly reminder, we still need everyone to spread the word.  Please think about tweeting, posting on your facebook, and telling everyone you know.

Above all, please consider heading over to the campaign and pledging.  We really are appreciative of any amount (and they start as low as a dollar).  Please help make the dream we have been talking about for a few years a reality.  You guys and gals are the best.  Please head over to the campaign.  We are grateful for all of you.

Nate and Mike