Now that we are wrapping up our time in California, I have begun to reflect on where it is I’m leaving and where it is I’m going.  I do not keep it a secret that L.A. life really is not for me.  Don’t misconstrue what I’m saying. After all, I’m going to miss the cultural and ethnic diversity of the city.  I’m going to miss going to Little Ethiopia to by Teff flour, I’ll miss my favorite Thai market I’ve had access to, I’ll miss all the great friends I’ve made…I simply won’t miss L.A.

Fortunately, there is plenty that of things we can look forward to as we make the transition to K.C.  I have already connected with several great beer people in the city and will also be moving to pursue a dream with Nate.  So the future is bright.  I want to be preemptive and say thanks to all who I know will welcome us to a great city.  Get ready, here we come.  We will see the K.C. folks from July 10th forward…looking forward to it.