Now that it’s getting cold out…cold enough for here…how about some warm beer?  I visited Idaho over Thanksgiving and am still fighting off the bone chills.  When we got back, I got some brew and decided to warm it up a bit.  People mull wine all the time.  Why not beer?

A few years back I bought some cherry beer by Unibroue, and they suggested warming it up to drink.  Turned out that it was better heated than cooled.  So, I decided to start heating up some beer in the winter.  Typically, mulling has to do with that addition of some spices, but I’m calling heating it up as good enough for government work.

At any rate, I’m going to play with heating up various brews during the cooler months and think it’s a worthy pursuit.  If you try it just keep in mind that 173°F or more is too hot because the alcohol will evaporate.  I’d try something like 140°F or 150°F…that should be plenty.

What about you?  Have you mulled beer?  Would you?  I think a good stout, spiced beer, or fruity beer would be nice.