I got a call from a friend of mine today, and he wanted some brewing advice.  Mind you, he’s never brewed before and already wants to do all-grain brewing.  What’s more, he wants to brew a lambic type beer first.  Talk about adventurous!

Of course, I’m really excited about the development.  For one, he’s coming to the dark-side.  Second, I get great joy when I know I’ve influenced someone to take the plunge.  He’s been over for a brew or two and has shown profound interest in the art of brewing…perhaps I’ve found the brewing friend that all of us brewers, secretly or not, desire.  Who doesn’t want a brew friend who cares as much about beer as they do?  I know not one.

Rather than being braggadocio about the subject, I’m actually encouraged that one more person in the world is starting to brew their own beer.  Sure I’m happy to know that I have and am going to continue to play a part in the development of his brewing arsenal.  After a lambic being the first beer, it’s all down-hill from here.

Have you tried your hand at brewing or been a helping hand?  If you are interested, here is a link to our brewing articles for beginners and more advanced techniques.